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Just mess with anything you will find something

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Anyone saying hacking is illegal. Do not steal any data that will violate the laws

The instructions given below are for ethical hackers.

Now a days cyber is getting more and more vigilant and people are aware of it.

Proceed With CAUTION!

Hacking Facebook account

Now a days facebook is becoming harder and harder to hack into.

This is only for educational purpose

Do not blame me after getting into trouble

Try doing it with victim's knowledge

1) Make 3 Fake Facebook accounts.

2)Make the victim friends with these accounts.

3)Ask her or him the email address or phone number.

4)If he /she gives try logging in with that information

5)Click forgot password

6)Identify if facebook asks for 3 friends give the name of three accounts

7)If it asks for identifying the posts (if you r lucky) you will see your posts also

8)Identify them

9)Create a fake email id

10)Enter the email in new email box

11)Voila you have hacked into the FB

Notes: Use proxy for your safety near to your location with high security

Do not use that account for a long time.

Leave these three accounts even the gmail do not use them again

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Backtrack Linux is now outdated now they are making kali Linux . If you want backtrack click here (use a torrent client for download)